For Physicians

We Work in Concert with Referring Physicians

At the Baucom Institute we receive referrals from other physicians and we make referrals to other physicians. We consider age management medicine to be an emerging field of medicine that requires specialized study, experience and continual medical education. We live by the Hippocratic Oath of “Do No Harm”. We follow stringent medical protocols and provide medical care to referred patients in complete coordination and confirmation with the referring physician. We are consultants and adjuncts to the referring physician. We are not in a position, nor do we want to be a replacement to the referring physician.

Often, we receive patient referrals, both male and female, concerning hormonal issues. As with all patients, we conduct our comprehensive baseline lab tests which include determining the patient’s current hormonal levels and balance. We provide the referring physician our diagnostic tests results along with our preliminary findings and recommended plan of treatment. Our recommended plan of treatment may involve bio-available hormone supplementation to replace the patient’s declining hormonal levels along with a customized whole food supplementation, diet and exercise plan. Once the treatment plan has been agreed upon, we will monitor laboratory test results to adjust or modify the treatment plan as necessary until the patient is well and their vitality has been restored.

We Make Referrals to Other Physicians As Neccessary

Just as often is the need to refer our patients to other physicians for specialized care. At the Baucom Institute, all patients complete a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests to determine eligibility for our longevity and life enhancement program. As a result of our initial diagnostic screening, medical issues may be identified. It may require medical treatment and resolution before a patient can be considered eligible for our services. In these incidences, if the patient has a primary care physician, we will refer them to their physician. If they do not have their own doctor, we will suggest and refer them to a physician and/or specialist for consultation. We will then provide the referred physician with our diagnostic tests results and findings.

The Baucom Institute enjoys the colloquial relationships we have with both referring and referred physicians and the opportunity it provides for us to share with them our work and specialized field of medicine.