A properly balanced thyroid gland efficiently burns fat, improves the feeling of well being and helps with brain function.

Hormone replacement for the thyroid gland is frequently prescribed as part of the Baucom Institute age management program. The thyroid gland regulates your bodyís temperature and the amount of energy it produces; this is called metabolism (turning food into energy). Indications of a low thyroid might be fatigue, weight issues, cold intolerance, dry skin, thinning or brittle hair and depression. As we age, the thyroid may produce fewer hormones. Testing for a thyroid issue is done using different processes. The most common is a blood test that checks the levels of the hormones of the thyroid (T3, T4 and TSH). These tests will give an accurate account of your thyroid hormone balance.

Because of the wide range of what is considered to be acceptable, many people remain undiagnosed for a thyroid disorder or diagnosed incorrectly. The replacement of thyroid hormones is a unique balancing process. T4 has to be converted to T3. With the appropriate tests, we can combine natural hormones that are tailored to the patientís individual needs and restore their thyroid hormonal balance as part of their personalized age management plan. As with all hormone replacement treatment plans, proper dosage and scheduled monitoring is essential.

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