What is Male Andropause?

Simply stated--Andropause is the male version of menopause.

It was Mae West who said
You're never too old to become younger."

The primary difference between the male and female "change of life" is that the symptoms impact the male over a long period of time and are less pronounced. In general, the typical male begins to experience symptoms of andropause around the age of 40.

Society, and especially most men, attribute these symptoms to age and give little thought that anything could improve these issues because that’s what aging is all about! RIGHT! WRONG! That’s where Bio available hormones can change your life significantly.

What are Bio Available Hormones?

They are all natural Prescription products, administered by a qualified physician, that supplement hormones that have diminished during the natural ageing process.

When it comes to hormone decline, equal rights mean men suffer the same fate as their female counterparts. In fact, by the time men reach ages 45-55 they can experience the same phenomenon similar to female menopause. Unlike menopause, which generally occurs in women during the mid-forties to mid-fifties and is marked by the cessation of menstruation, the male transition is more gradual and can expand over several decades. As men age they begin to experience changes in attitudes and moods, mild depression, fatigue, lower sex drive, reduced erections, weight gain in the middle, loss of energy, and reduction in physical agility. Both menopause and andropause are distinguished by a drop in hormone levels. Estrogen for women and testosterone for men.

Symptoms of Andropause

Male Andropause is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Weight-Gain in the Middle
  • Declining ability to maintain MUSCLE mass
  • Decreased ability to perform SEXUALLY
  • Less overall ENERGY

Treatments for Male Andropause

Most men, as they age, want to stay fit and have an active sex life. Typically, they exercise exhaustively and frequently to try to retain muscle mass and usually resort to synthetics such as Viagra® to enhance their sexual performance. This behavior is very natural for males! However, our body changes over time and we think that there is little to do but acknowledge that we are Getting Older! Well that’s where Bio available hormone replacement enters our lives. Testosterone (a Bio available hormone) is mans true “little blue pill” and much,much more. The hormone not only increases muscle mass and improves your general well being, but also contributes to lower cholesterol, naturally enhances your libido and sexual energy, and can help prevent pre-mature heart disease.

Today, just as we treat declining hormones in women to regain youthful vitality and exuberance we have the same capability to treat male declining hormones to alleviate the symptoms and effects of andropause. Andropause was first cited in medical literature in the 40’s, so it is not new. However, for a very long period of time it was under-diagnosed and under-treated. Today, at the Baucom Institute we have the ability through the use of sensitive diagnostic testing to accurately measure declining levels of testosterone which are the underlying cause of andropause and then prescribe an Age Management Plan using bio-available hormones to restore hormonal balance, regain vitality and alleviate the symptoms of andropause.

Learn More About Male Andropause

You deserve to get that competitive edge again. For more information please read the Baucom Report on Andropause. It will change your life in ways that you thought were part of your past!